The origins of St Barts

The origins of Saint Barth: Christopher Columbus

It was during his second trip that Christopher Columbus discovered Saint-Barthélemy, whom he named in memory of his brother. This island is not very rich and the Spanish colonists decide not to settle there. Two centuries later, other visitors from neighboring Saint Kitts and Nevis tried their luck there, but without much success.

The island was then sold to the order of Malta and experienced many setbacks before buccaneers and pirates found it to their liking. They developed a small commercial port there. It remains so even after its cession to the Swedes which lasted until 1852, when its capital was devastated by a gigantic fire and returned to France.

Rockefeller’s favorite place in the 1950s

This volcanic island experienced a real tourist boom when David Rockefeller discovered it in the 1950s. While cruising with his wife Peggy, he fell in love with the exceptional panorama offered by the island from the sea. He decided to build a house there in 1957 He follows in his wake all his rich friends including the famous banker, passionate about sailing, like him, Edmond de Rothschild.

Rockefeller built a huge property on the headland of Anse de Colombier. You can still admire the remains of this house today.

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