The destinations where insects are a popular food

Eating insects are becoming more and more common today. Moreover, this alternative represents an excellent motivation to travel. But you still have to know where to go to eat in this order. Note that now, many countries are excellent choices for eating insects.

The first choices

One of the best choices offered by expert sites like jiminis, there are restaurants in London. Among the many choices, there is the restaurant Archipelago which is in the heart of the British capital. It is advisable to take a break during a stay in London. From the starter to the dessert, this type of restaurant offers insects finely incorporated into each dish. The pickled cricket then fried with Quinoa, spinach leaves and dried fruit is an example of choice you will have in this destination.

Of course, England offers much more variety in the choice of restaurants. Thus, once in the country, you will have plenty of choice to enjoy dishes based on insects. Before you get started, find out about the restaurant and good practices to get a good grasp of insects. Making a reservation in advance is also advisable. The fact is that this type of cuisine is popular at the moment so that establishments are easily crowded.

Other destinations

After the British restaurants, there is also Denmark and its restaurant which is the best in the world in the field. After all, the quality of the service and the dishes on offer are matched only by the audacity of its two chefs.

Then comes Poland or, more exactly, Warsaw. We are talking here about the restaurant Co To To Je which is the first insect restaurant in Poland. It goes without saying that the recipes offered there are really varied.

The country of Uncle Sam is, obviously, a weighty destination for eating insects. We talk about originality like the hamburgers with insects! To enjoy it, what better than New York with its quality and original restaurants. Otherwise, Los Angeles is also a good alternative in that order. The dishes you will find there are simply delicious.

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