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It's all the above plus the perpetual intimacy between Greece and the ocean for the sailing enthusiast. Sailing on the Greek Islands offers visions of profound blue skies, clear azure waters, breathtaking landscapes, white villages, fantastic nightlife, and seaside taverna dining. It is not only feasible but inexpensive to sail in Greece. With the best luxury yacht offers, SamBoat also helps you to find private yacht charter for the perfect cruise vacation.

Experience the magic of Greece

No more than a vacation in a hotel room on land costs a yacht charter in Greece. On your floating villa, you can experience Greece's magic, cruise the hundreds of miles of scenic, unspoiled and uncrowded shoreline, and cool off in sparkling clear waters with a swim. More than 100 fully maintained and fitted yachts from 31 to 61 feet are waiting for you to enjoy autonomous or skippered sailing in the Mediterranean Sea's finest cruising region at 8 places. Consider the alternatives for sailing these timeless waters accessible to you and then come to Samboat for the decision that no one else has to offer.

Boat accessibility

Greece has always been one of the top yacht charter locations and boat rentals for sailors globally. If you're searching for a weekly charter at one of the most famous ports like Athens, Lefkas, Corfu, you're going to have to book the ship well in advance if you want to leave one of the Cyclades. Hence,boat rentals greece. On average, more than 50% of the charters for Greece are already booked by March and more than 75% by the beginning of May. At SamBoat, we advise that you define your project and book a boat as early as possible. In some instances, you can book closer to the date of departure depending on the port, but the inventory decreases. The functioning for day ships is a little distinct. Usually for motorboats rented for one day, to ensure accessibility, the suggested booking time is 2 to 3 months.

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