Ever thought of diving off the Mexican coast ?

Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, the Sea of ​​Cortes, and the Atlantic Ocean, Mexico is one of the few countries with very large and very rich coasts. For diving, tourists have very diverse choices. Mexico is indeed a destination made for scuba diving thanks to these kilometers of very attractive coasts.

Which side to start?

With these very large coasts and seas and oceans very rich in seabed, the choice of diving spots is quite complicated. Indeed, who would not like to discover the whales, the Manta rays or even the dolphins at the bottom of a crystalline ocean. For diving, it is possible to begin with Baja California. It is indeed the first place that abounds in a multitude of diving sites. Travelers can choose between several places in this region. With the "aquarium of the world", divers will have the chance to experience a unique experience swimming among turtles, dolphins and whales in the sea of ​​Cortes. Otherwise, the best dive destination is and will of course stay, The Riviera Maya. This place is actually, the center of tourism in this corner of Mexico, with the Yucatan Peninsula, diving has developed a lot in the country.

Diving in the Mayan Riviera

This square has the best seaside resort in the world which is Playa del Carmen. It is the diving spot par excellence with these fifteen sites. To begin, it is obligatory to go through the cenotes such as the cenote dos ojos mexico or in Yucatan. They are part of the incredible underground caves that lead to the seabed, beautiful visuals and aquatic landscapes. Otherwise, with a small trip off the coast, on the Caribbean, it is possible to admire one of the largest coral barriers of the globe. Become very practical, these ribs can even welcome beginners in diving. Lovers can begin with the cenotes and later try to snorkel in the ocean floor by swimming with the dolphins and other marine mammals of the corner.

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