The beauty of the South West coast of France

The southwest coast of France is one of the holiday destinations that many visitors enjoy. The reasons for this enthusiasm are many but the most obvious are the beauty of the beaches and landscapes there and the kindness of the people who populate the area. There are also forests, authentic towns and villages and original tourist sites.

Nature between forests, mountains and beaches

No one can deny that the territory of the south-western coast of the hexagon has the beautiful beaches that are even one of the most beautiful of the hexagon. Besides their considerable size, they are also less crowded than those on the Côte d'Azur. Visitors can choose between the beach of the Pyla dune, Mimizan, Biscarrosse, Lège-Cap-Ferret, Hossegor, Lacanau or Hourtin and Anglet. They all offer guaranteed relaxation in a panoramic setting.

But there are not only the sea and the beaches in this area, there are also interesting forests and natural parks. Tourist sites of all kinds and places for camping or various activities answer the question what to do biarritz. Hiking, horseback riding, cycling and much more.

Cities on the south-west coast

The cities on this part of the hexagon are truly worth a detour. To the north, there is Bordeaux, crossed by the Garonne and which represents vestiges of the Middle Ages. You can also go through Arcachon, particularly interesting for its seaside resorts in the Landes. Further on, you can stop in the town of Bayonne, famous for its festivities and celebrations of Bayonne. On the border between France and Spain, one passes necessarily by Biarritz. This seaside resort is the most popular for summer vacation. Its economy is based on the world of tourism, which brings to life several people: actors in commerce, hotels, restaurants and transport, and all activities related to tourism.

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