The best way to travel around Europe

Discover the many faces of the Europe on a boat like an exceptional tourist destination with his 45000km waterways. Many boat rental companies exist all over the Europe to make the trip on water, so make your choice and let us guide you now.

Live an unforgettable stopover

A carefully designed itinerary offering the best of each place in a group or in private on a boat. Here is some best cruise to make like the Cannes tours by discovering the city of the Film Festival. You can choose one day on Seine by discovering the unmissable sites of the French capital, the history of Paris through an audio-guided, and more. There is so much more than you can imagine to take a day and visit Lège Cap Ferret, day reserved for the visit of the villages of the peninsula, to boat rides, with the discovery of Médoc wines or the city of Bordeaux. From La Rochelle you have to join the islands of Ré, Aix or Oléron and approach the famous Fort Boyard. There are so much more to getaways on a boat rental to visit the Bandol city, Cogolin tours, Sainte-Maxime, Arcachon, Aix-les-Bains, Dives-sur-Mer, Parentis-en-Born.

How about the boat?

There are a large of choice of the boat in front of the destination, but there is some Motor boat, a RIB, a sailboat, a Yacht, a Houseboat, or a Catamaran one. The condition is simple, you rent this boat in one day by the tariff indicate on the website of boat rental, with or no skipper. You have to check each boat’s card for the number of the persons that it can transport, the number of beds and if there are some cabins on not. In the same way, you have to consult also the technical characters of this boat, like the year of his construction, his full equipment, the license, the power, and the number of his legal authorization to do this kind of practice.

Don’t forget that when you travel in any way, you have in your possession your travel book and all your papers to do this trip in zen.

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