Free tours in the Bordeaux castle

Bordeaux is the favorite destination for wine lovers. Although the city is also known as the "Sleeping Beauty", the atmosphere therein is not. Most tourists opt for the bordeaux tourism for its rich architecture but also its vineyards and great castles. The exceptional terroir of Bordeaux brings together all the most prestigious Grands Crus of Bordeaux Sort with a classification of 1855 but also Crus Bourgeois.

A route idea to visit the castles

To discover the castles of Bordeaux, you need to plot your route to the north through Blanquefort and following the direction Pauillac to Margaux. The red castle is D2. When you arrive at Margaux, the first step is to go to church located next to the famous castle Margaux contemporaneous with incomparable Palladian style.

If you continue a bit further north you go through the names Listrac and Moulis that are rich in Crus Bourgeois. Through the pines and vines you can find many bike trails that are favorable to lovers of cycling or simplemet cyclists. Do not miss to discover the typical ports of Lamarque and Macau. During your way you'll find the castle which was built by Vauban in Cussac-Fort-Médoc before joining Blaye by car or taking the ferry if you find yourself on the other side.

The Pauillac and Saint-Julien are also to discover with its countless Crus. Pauillac is the capital of the Medoc, where you will make the discovery of the facade of landscaped quays offering a panoramic view on the island of Patiras during your walk.

Do not miss the Square Tower 14th located in Lesparre, the Abbey of the XI-XII century and the authentic windmill, Vensac Mill.

If you take the road of the lakes or the D101, you have the opportunity to visit the stronghold of surfers from Lacanau. The latter is located in Soulac has a great church that we know under the name of Notre-Dame de Fin des Terres. You can borrow again the ferry to get to Royan.

Just the boat you need for your trip

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Tips on how to rent a boat while in Mykonos

Tips on how to rent a boat while in Mykonos
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Dieser Touristprofi zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie ein Boot mieten können

Dieser Touristprofi zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie ein Boot mieten können
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