Lake Annecy

The lake

Annecy is the best known of the four great lakes of Savoie and Haute-Savoie. It offers to discover the turquoise blue waters dear to Cézanne. City of Art and History, Annecy, its old town, its cane and its
nearby mountains offer in all seasons a multitude of cultural activities, fun, sports or relaxation. Close to the ski resorts of Aravis for the winter season, a bathing water between 22 ° C and 24 ° C in summer, the Lake will be a must for your holiday rentas lake Annecy.

Holiday rentals in Lake Annecy

To spend a holiday rentals Lake Annecy, you can choose to rent a hotel, or choose to see things from a different angle and opt for a vacation rental just to you Lake Annecy. The price difference alone is a strong argument. You will save on the price per night by choosing to rent an apartment, a country house or a holiday villa rather than a hotel room. But there are many other benefits beyond good value.
You will instantly feel like a resident, rather than just a tourist. From the moment you cross the front door of your vacation rental Lake Annecy, it will become your home. You can relax, cook good meals with fresh ingredients from the local market.

Intimacy is also another important benefit of vacation rentals in Lake Annecy. By choosing a beautiful apartment, a beautiful villa or a cozy country house, you will not be surrounded by holidaymakers permanently. You will have your own space to enjoy your vacation at your own pace. Have breakfast in the kitchen whenever you want, make a list of must-haves to visit in the living room, then go to your activities before returning to take a nap in your home.

You can rent the boat of your choice with Samboat

You can rent the boat of your choice with Samboat
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How to manage your rentals whilst you head to the beach?

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